dimitri is a dj and record collector dedicated to the art of moving butts.


A fixture in the California DJ scene, Dimitri began playing parties and underground events in 1997. Throughout the years he has shared the stage with acts such as Cypress Hill, Del Tha Funkee Homosapien, Black Eyed Peas, Slick Rick, Blackalicious, Egyptian Lover, El-P, Gaslamp Killer, Mobb Deep, Tone Loc, and Spank Rock, among others.

In 2002, Dimitri and Rob Moran (bass guitarist of Unbroken, Some Girls, and Narrows) established the popular dance party Booty Bassment in San Diego. Expertly blending various subgenres of hip-hop into a cohesive experience, the sounds range from golden classics, Southern syrup, booty bounce, glossy club stuff, and everything in between. Over the following years, Dimitri has expanded the party to a number of other cities with help from a group of talented DJs- Ryan Poulsen, Maxx Bass, and Nathan Detroit. Booty Bassment currently runs every first Saturday in Portland, every third Saturday in San Francisco, and every second, fourth, and fifth Saturday in San Diego. Dimitri has also done Booty Bassment one-offs in Los Angeles, Seattle, Oakland, and Sydney, Australia.

Dimitri also stays busy producing beats and mixtapes, and has designed every Booty Bassment flier and t-shirt since it's inception in 2002.